How to Generate ‘No Backup’ Reports for Microfocus Data Protector

Data Protector now offers various reports that help you in managing and planning your backup environment. To use the reporting capability, install the Reporting Server on a Linux or Windows server that is not a Data Protector Cell Manager.

Though this reporting feature is available in the tool today; we…

Auto-closure of SNOW incidents by querying data protector!

Situation —

The data protector engine runs scheduled jobs and whenever a job fails, an incident created in service now. Next, the data protector engine re-runs the failed job automatically. But even if they are successful on the next re-runs, the incidents are not resolved and someone has to manually go in…

Add these snippets to your code and level up!

If you ask any Python programmer to tell about the strengths of Python, he will quote brevity and high readability as the most influencing ones. Python strives to make developers happy with its simpler, less-cluttered syntax.

Attention geeks! In this article, I have compiled tricks that I have discovered.

Tip #1 Range Dictionaries


A Python backend script to automate the CPM recovery which saves some time and doesn't make you sick.

You all must have read several articles on automating backups of EC2 Instances. It is critical for today’s infrastructures. The modern application needs automated backup and disaster recovery processes for ease in managing and creating a scalable and robust environment. It is generally a one-time setup for backups. …

Connecting Couchbase to a Python environment in Windows.

Whenever we install a package in Python, we use either pip or conda that connects to or for installer files. So keeping this in mind, I opened my anaconda prompt.

Cool. So I thought of simply going forward with the installation

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